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We are rooted in the creation and facilitation of results-driven solutions that are advantageous to our clients. The aim is to reinforce clear legislative and regulatory environments, transparency, accountability, overall effectiveness, and ongoing efficiency.



Malik Solutions Group provides consulting services and personal organizer services to individuals, public sector, and private sector, to enhance their institutional effectiveness and sector development. Alongside our tailored team of experts, associates and extended global partners, we seek to strengthen the administrative capacity of our clients.

Our team of experts and extended advisors includes professionals with expertise drawn from a broad range of sectors and institutional settings. Our Advisors have led and offered counsel to a range of global stakeholders that include: national and subnational governments; government agencies and delegated authorities; international organisations; non-governmental organisations; multinational corporations; small and medium enterprises as well as individuals.

With head-offices in Toronto, Canada, along with regional office for Middle East and Africa in Khartoum, Sudan, Malik solutions Group is well-positioned to leverage relationships and networks across international and regional jurisdictions to drive growth and offer technical expertise.


Our mission at Malik Solutions Group is to be a leading consultancy firm providing development-focused and tailor-made solutions to developing and least-developed countries in Africa and elsewhere in order to support regional objectives to obtain self-sufficiency, peace and good governance, sustainable development and self-reliance.


No matter how big or small your project is, our seasoned team and group of advisors are ready to help

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Sector Expertise

Public Service Delivery Management

Public Transportation Management

Global Refugee Emergency Assistance Services

Government Relations

Campaign Management

Personal Organizer Services

Child Welfare And Child Protection Sector Development

Mediation And Family Support Services


Development and Least-Development Focused

Malik Solutions Group is unapologetically concerned with ensuring outcomes that are advantageous to developing countries as it relates to negotiations and global agreements between themselves and other advanced-country parties. We are focused on leveraging our knowhow, experience and expertise across international borders and in developed-country settings, for the purposes of benefitting regions and societies that are most in need of effective governance and growth.

Tailored and Demand-Driven

Malik Solutions Group understands that not every client has the same needs and concerns. Every project we embark on is specifically tailored to fit the goal and objectives of each clients and strives to includes the active and consistent perspectives of our clients.

Innovative and Cutting Edge

Malik Solutions Group is committed to employing leading industry techniques and strategies, evaluation models and implementation processes that save our clients time and costs. Our approach ensures that clients are always presented with efficient and effective ways to meet their target whilst maintaining core principles of good governance, accountability and transparency.

Strategic Partnerships

Malik Solutions Group utilizes its vast network of international contacts and sector experts to inform our work. Where necessary, Malik Solutions Group will readily propose formal partnerships and agreements that allow for collaborative-problem solving in order to meet the needs of clients and ensure we are providing the absolute best in advice and management.


Adam Giambrone

Adam Giambrone is recognized global leader in urban transit planning, strategy, public communications, multi-modal operations and executive transit leadership. He has over 15 years of experience in transit industry and planning across the world and in different jurisdictions. Adam is the past President and Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission (Canada) , Director of Planning and Innovation for the City of Montreal (Canada), Executive Transit Director for the City of Milwaukee (USA), Director of Streetcars and LRT for City of New York (USA).

Adam has provided consultation and advisory service to various cities through the International Union of Public Transit (UTIP) and the African Union of Public Transit (UATP).

Adam has a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada), an Executive MBA in International Business and Transportation Operations Management from Universität St. Gallen- Hochschule für Wirtschafts (Geneva, Switzerland) and a BA in Archaeology (Anthropology) and African Studies from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

Mohamed Malik

Mohamed Malik is a passionate Social Work and Public Administration professional with over 10 years of experience in child protection, human rights and provision of services to vulnerable communities including refugees. Along with practical experience, Mohamed has a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a focus on policy and program/practice evaluation.

For three years, Mohamed acted as the lead for a provincial project that supported child welfare and settlement professionals with the resettlement of Syrian refugees to the province of Ontario. He provided consultations, education sessions, and in many cases conducted child safety assessments and other interventions in the form of “brief services”.

Between the years 2017 and 2018, Mohamed acted as an advisor to the Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services as part of a working group on Child and Family Well-being during a critical time of amendments to Child and Family Services legislation.

Currently, Mohamed works as part of a provincial Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence (CWICE) that supports a wide range of child protection cases including refugees, unaccompanied minors that arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canadian children abroad in collaboration with Global affairs Canada and other Federal and Provincial partners.

Hussein Malik

President and Founder of Malik Solutions Group. Mr. Malik is a public sector professional and consultant. Mr. Malik has built his career in Canada helping all three levels of governments deliver on its mandate to offer better public services. He has lead projects and restructured organizations as well as managed teams of professionals over his illustrious career.

Part of his consulting experience, Hussein managed as well as organized political campaigns, policy research assignments, and debate preparation for candidates. To name a few in the industry: Mayoral candidate, party leadership race, nomination campaigns, provincial and municipal candidates.

Mr. Malik leverages his diverse background by creating an open and collaborative environment. His ability to cultivate trusting relations and to always look out for the best interest of his clients. This reputation has earned him numerous accolades from colleagues and officials within the public sector industry.

Mr. Malik has a dual Masters’ degree in Public Policy and Public Management from the University of London and a BA in International Development and Policy from York University in Canada.

Mohamed Abbo

Mohamed Abbo is a Project Manager with 10+ years experience in Technology and Business Operations.

Mohamed worked in various industries including Biomedical Devices and Wholesale Distribution. Projects he led included green-fielding new distribution centers and multi-million dollar business acquisitions and system integrations across Canada.

Through his consulting firm, he worked on many projects both in the public and private sectors. Mohamed has demonstrated leadership and people skills, change management and has a proven track record of successfully completing projects from concept & design, to development, validation, deployment, maintenance and support.

Mohamed has a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada) and is ITIL V2 Certified.


Kofi K. Achampong

Kofi K. Achampong is a Canadian-trained lawyer and senior policy advisor specializing in governance and administrative management. Kofi has over 10 years experience advising senior officials and executives in governments, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and multinational companies on regulatory development, advocacy, political campaigns and strategic decision-making.

Kofi was a senior policy and stakeholder relations advisor for 6 years to various ministers in Canada’s largest subnational government and was recently a lead Senior Advisor to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services for Ontario, Canada, where he oversaw responsibility for over 40 pieces of legislation --- including procurement, consumer protection and delegated authority management.

He has spent time working the African Union in Addis Ababa, the World Trade Organisation (with Africa Group and Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation) in Geneva, and as a consultant to various non-government organisations, including the trade-focused International Lawyer’s and Economists Against Poverty.

Kofi has a Honors Bachelor of Arts (BA., Hons) in International Relations from the University of Toronto and a Juris Doctorate (JD) from Osgood Hall Law School (Canada).

Dr. Siham Rayale

Dr. Siham Rayale is a scholar, author, researcher and consultant. Dr. Rayale has worked for over 10 years as a development consultant and expert on women’s political participation in post-conflict societies and particularly on UN Resolution 1325 (women, peace and security) in Africa. In her career she has consulted and done research for UN agencies and INGOs and travels frequently throughout Africa and the Middle East and has acted on a number of occasions as an expert witness for refugee boards and agencies in the UK for refugees seeking asylum from Africa. She has written op-eds for Open Democracy, LSE Africa and co-authored an influential policy report with Oxfam in East Africa.

Dr. Rayale is passionate about women’s economic and political security, humanitarian and community development. Dr. Rayale has been invited to present at a number of academic and civil society conferences. Her research interests encompass feminist security studies, gender and post-conflict reconstruction in Africa and more recently her advocacy has focused on anti-Black Racism and Islamophobia in Canada. Dr. Rayale received her PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, her M.A., from York University and her B.A. from the University of Toronto.